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The Goddess Life Podcast

Jun 7, 2018

Cory Gunn is a Wiccan, Sacred Duality Coach, Pendulum Reader & Card Slinger. She's a freaking doll! Cory is the founder of Wilder Wombyn (website and Instagram by the same name). She's well known for her work with Goddess Energy and pendulums. In this episode you will learn:

-How she found the Wiccan path

-How becoming a mom while simultaneously losing her own mom opened her up to divine feminine connection and support

-Who and what Wilder Wombyn are

How to work with pendulums

-Using spirit boards with pendulums

-Using pendulums to unlock your intuition

-How pendulums work

-Different pendulums for different needs

-Pendulum misconceptions

-Are pendulums evil and some safe practices to follow

-Practical pendulum uses for every day

-How to formulate effective questions

-How to continue your pendulum education

Definitely reach out to Cory at and Instagram @WilderWombyn





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