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The Goddess Life Podcast

Apr 18, 2018

In this episode we connect with Meli De Los Santos. Holistic healer and professional dream interpreter. Meli shares a wealth of information and radiates such beautiful energy. In this packed full episode we cover topics such as:

-How Meli got on her current path by utilizing her dreams to break through anxiety
-Breaking any dream interpretation myths
-Why interpreting your dreams is crucial to your mind, body, spirit and overall wellbeing
-How you can utilize your dreams to improve your life and make decisions
-Dream symbols
-How to do dreamwork even if you have a hard time remembering your dreams or you "don't dream"
-What your different types of dreams might mean
-Crystals and essential oils to use to amp up your sleep and dream game
-Common dream themes and what they might mean
-The importance of a dream and sleep routine (and how to establish one)
-Dream journal tips and suggestions
-What nightmares could signify
-Dream interpreting for children
-Combating nightmares for children
-How you can work with Meli to really delve into your personal dreams to improve your life

Meli is a dream interpreter, holistic healer and yogi who helps overwhelmed, sleep deprived individuals find the root cause of their stresses and balance their waking life through dreamwork. Connect with her on Instagram @The_Dreaming_Yogi or via her website 

Thank you Meli!





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