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The Goddess Life Podcast

Dec 7, 2017

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Blaire Porter encourages people to dig deeper within themselves and their spiritual journeys. She doesn't sugar coat it. But in the depths is where the real transformations can occur. She's also a medium and guide. She works with clients to help them go deeper within themselves with their shadows, as well as help them unlock their own mediumship and psychic gifts. In this episode we get to hear from Blaire and learn all about shadow work. What IS shadow work, how can we do it and why on earth would we want to do it in the first place? Blaire answers all of these questions and more. You can find more of Blaire on Instagram @IAmBlairePorter or on her website ................ Today's episode was sponsored by Daily Holistics. Natural and handmade bath and beauty products. You can find them on Instagram @DailyHolistics and on ............... Website:


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